As you read this Table of Contents article keep in mind that this work was written for the owners of property located in the State of California.  This is critically important because the state statutes, case law, and public policies can vary widely from state to state, moreover, there is also a layer of federal law which applies in every state and territory.

I.  Introduction

This is a hyperlinked Table of Contents designed to connect you to the blog entries  which comprise the various chapters of the CALIFORNIA LANDLORDS discussion.  The result is a book with its various chapters distributed out on the internet.  A virtual book, so to speak.

To use this Table of Contents simply find the chapter and subject matter you want to review and click on the highlighted hyperlink.  In most cases,  you will find that the Chapter material is also hyperlinked.  This will allow you to drill down into a subject and explore it from the point of view of a number of independent sources.

Since we are California Realtors this work is necessarily limited to the issues affecting real property management within our state.  Although we have handled transactions in a number of other counties in the southern half of the state, our base of operations is Orange County, California.

As the number of Chapters grows so will this Table of Contents.

II. Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Discrimination

A brief description of the various forms of discrimination which are unlawful in California.

Chapter 2 – Rental Agreements and Leases

The basic differences between periodic rental agreements and leases.

Chapter 3 – Disclosures

A discussion of a number of the potential disclosures the Owner may be required to give prospective tenants.

Chapter 4 – Security Deposits

The Security Deposit in general.

Chapter 5 – Refunding Security Deposits

The issues involved in refunding the security deposit

Chapter 6 – Ending The Tenancy

The issues surrounding 3 day, 30 day, and 60 day notices.

Chapter 7 – Entering The Property

The issures surrounding a landlord entry into the rental property.

Chapter 8 – Limiting The Number of Tenants

The issures involved in setting occupancy limits to avoid over crowding.

Chapter 9 – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Dectectors

A brief discussion of California’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector requirements.


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