Gorilla Review – BLOOD PRICE by Tanya Huff

Some time ago we found ourselves in Rochester, Minnesota with a lot of time to kill. So, with nothing better to do we tracked down the local Barnes & Noble and bought some reading material. Purely by chance our selection included the novel BLOOD PRICE by Nova Scotia born author, Tanya Huff. With a copyright of 1991, the book was old news, but it turned out to be good move.

Blood Price cover.jpg

Set in the environs of modern day Toronto (Huff moved to Ontario at the tender age of 3) the book is a slim, fast-paced work that delivers its fair measure of excitement.

The first in a series of five novels, BLOOD PRICE introduces us to the 450 year old vampire, Henry Fitzroy, and to ex homicide detective, Vicki Nelson. Together the two must hunt down and stop a maniac who is summoning demons (Astaroth for one) out of hell, and in the process threatening to overturn the balance between our world and theirs (the demons’ that is).  Matters are complicated by Mike Cellucci, a police officer who is looking for Vicki Nelson.

Huff will painlessly suspend your disbelief and turn you into a believer. If we say too much more it will ruin the book.

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